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We’re exploring the future of church together as we gather in our living rooms around the world to worship the Living God.

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The Real Me

current series

Which version of yourself do you like the most? 😀😔🙃🥸 How about this: which version of yourself do you prefer to present to others? What part of you do you hide and what do you keep on display? Let us put a mirror to ourselves,🪞peering through God’s word, with the hope that we might eventually find who we really are supposed to be.

What’s it like in The Living Room?

What’s it like in
The Living Room?

We worship together

God is seeking people who worship Him in spirit and in truth. We put a premium on worship and on solid, Bible-based teaching.

We’re a global family

Welcome home. Hello from the US. Konichiwa from Japan. Kamusta from the Philippines. Hola from Chile. And a warm g'day from Australia.

We're warm and cozy

The Living Room is a friendly, welcoming, and safe place. We host a continuing conversation about our faith. When one grows in faith, we all get better together.

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The Living Room is a Bible-based and Christ-centred online-first ministry with Kingdom-building partners worldwide. That's a lot of hyphens.

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